Worms: A Space Oddity on Wii to miss out on multiplayer

A Space Oddity on Wii to miss out on multiplayer

Why is it that the most popular current gen games console gets so shafted on games? From mono Guitar Hero to no downloadable content, the Wii has one more disappointment to add to the list - Worms: A Space Oddity’s lack of online play. Initially promised to have online play by Team 17, THQ have now released a spin-heavy press release saying:

“Worms: A Space Oddity is a social gaming experience that is best enjoyed locally, in a party-game atmosphere with other players. Team 17 has proven it can deliver a world class online gaming experience through the popular Worms: Open Warfare 2.”

“We’ve chosen to focus on making the best possible local multiplayer experience through fast-paced gameplay and entertaining party-games. Players will get even more fun and satisfaction from being able to see the reaction of their friends and taunting them with attacks face-to-face.”

There is really nothing you can say to that other than stare blankly and stammer a bit.

via Shack News

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