Nintendo Downloads 4/6/09

April 6th, 2009

To celebrate the release of the new Nintendo DSi most of the available downloads this week are part of Nintendo’s new DSiWare. Granted, everyone should probably download the Nintendo DSi Browser since it is 0 points. It seems as though all of the games are an extension of a previous game, or just light examples of what the DSi could do. I think that the best choice out of all the products has to be WarioWare Snapped! The game is always short spurts of fun, no matter which Nintendo system it is on.

Looking at the Wii’s side, we have EQUILBRIO in the WiiWare and Uncharted Waters: New Horizons on the Virtual Console. EQUILBRIO is yet another product that can use the Balance Board, which is great for anybody who thought that the Balance Board wouldn’t get much love. I’m interested in the Uncharted Waters: New Horizons because there were some positive reviews on GameFAQs. Personally, I’ve never heard of the game and I appreciate the fact that the Virtual Console puts these rare games.

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Mario Kart Go! slot racing set

December 11th, 2007

Mario Kart Go! slot racing set

If you are still searching for a gift to give these holidays you could scarcely do better than this high quality Mario Kart slot racer set. This 1:43 scale set made by well known slot car manufacturer Carrera provides you with all you need for a lifetime of fun. Included are Mario and Wario slot cars with track and controllers. We don’t know if other karts will come out but we sure as hell hope so. This amount of fun doesn’t come cheap though at £49.95 (US$102) but we think its worth it. Time to see those blue sparks for real!

via Kotaku