Guitar Hero III (2)

Zero Punctuation: Guitar Hero III

December 13th, 2007

It’s that time of the week again, and this time Yahtzee is ripping into the soft flesh of the darling of the musical game world, Guitar Hero III. While the gaming public has gone Guitar Hero III crazy, Yahtzee is decidedly more subdued and proclaims that the change of developers “stopped Guitar Hero being fun.”

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Activision tells Sony to block Rock Band’s Guitar Hero controller patch

December 13th, 2007

Activision tells Sony to block Rock Band’s Guitar Hero controller patch

Harmonix has publicly attacked Sony and Activision, claiming that their patch to use the Guitar Hero III controller on the PS3 in Rock Band was blocked. Harmonix claim they had the patch ready by December 4th but “continual objections” by Activision caused Sony to block its release. As a display of good will Harmonix have said that they “believe in an open standard philosophy of hardware and game compatibility” and that they “welcome all third party developers who wish to support our controllers and will provide any required support in order for them to do so.”

Its’ not really a big surprise that Sony would do this (we have all seen how they love their proprietary formats and devices), but I expected less selfish behavior from Activision.

Check after the jump for Harmonix’s statement.

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Kid smokes pot, gets denied Guitar Hero III

December 11th, 2007


After walking in on his fifteen year old son smoking marijuana with his buddies, eBay seller k_lid did the typical flipping out, yelling and slapping upside the head an angry father would do. But his actions turned from reactionary to downright cold when he hatched an elaborate plan for punishment - removing his copy of Guitar Hero III:” Legends of Rock from under the Christmas tree and putting it up for sale on eBay. k_lid defends his cruel and unusual punishment on his seller page, but my heart goes out to the poor stoner kid whose humble aspirations were to get high and rock out.

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Wii Guitar Hero III remastered discs set to hit early 2008

December 10th, 2007

Wii Guitar Hero III remasterd discs set to hit early 2008

Activision has finally worked out a solution for the Wii’s mono Guitar Hero III woes. The bad news is that the solution cannot be released via a downloadable patch, but requires remastered discs which will not be available until after the New Year.

Activision are also keen to get downloadable content on the Wii. Red Octane are working hard with Nintendo to work out how to do it with the Wii’s space limitation in mind. Maybe it’s time Nintendo release a hard drive add-on.

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Rock Band PS3 patch adds Guitar Hero III Les Paul support

December 6th, 2007


Harmonix employee Sean Baptiste has announced a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Rock Band in a post on the Rock Band forums.

While the post only mentions “guitar controller compatibility,” Shacknews has confirmed with EA that the patch will add support for the Guitar Hero III Les Paul controller. Expect it to hit very shortly.

Rock Band and Guitar Hero III guitar controllers on the way

November 27th, 2007

Rock Band and Guitar Hero III guitar controllers on the way

Both Guitar Hero III and Rock Band are set to receive individually packaged wireless controllers early next year. We have no news on the pricing for the Guitar Hero offering but oddly enough, Rock Band’s PS3 guitar is said to be US$20 more than the 360’s.

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Will Guitar Hero blend?

November 23rd, 2007

Most of you probably know BlendTec’s “Will it blend?” ad, but you will never know how much satisfaction I derive from watching a Guitar Hero controller get blended. The news about the cursed game never stops, it just keeps coming and coming and coming… *ahem* Anyway I’m pretty impressed, the X-plorer controller actually holds up pretty well compared to a lot of other items that have been blended.

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Some Guitar Hero III bundles missing game

November 20th, 2007

Guitar Hero 3 bundles missing game

It seems that some Guitar Hero III bundles are a lot less bundle you might expect. After complaints from several customers, an EB Games manager opened their entire stock of Xbox 360 bundles, only to find that none of them included the game DVD. The real kicker is that the victims of this stuff up cannot return their purchases to EB, thanks to their policy.

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Guitar Hero III Boss Battle Pack released on Xbox Live

November 16th, 2007

Guitar Hero III Boss Battle Pack released free

Activision aren’t resting on their laurels now that Guitar Hero III has launched. Instead they have released a Boss Battle Pack that can be downloaded for free right now from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The pack allows you to battle it out against Slash, Tom Morello and Beelzebub outside of the career mode.

The pack weighs in at 72MB, and as yet there are no details on whether it will make its way to the PS3 or Wii version of the game.

Rock Band bonus tracks announced

November 14th, 2007

Rock Band bonus tracks announced

The lid is off the Rock Band bonus tracks - and maybe it’s just me, but the bands on there seem pretty obscure. The strangest offering is the South Park inclusion titled Timmy & The Lords of the Underworld - an odd alliance, given the recent South Park episode that took the piss out of Guitar Hero. Hit the jump for the full list.

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