Rockband Guitar Controller Issues


The official Rockband community forums are reporting numerous problems with the Fender Stratocaster controller. Most commonly, the controller’s “down strum” has been failing to register or will double register notes after only a few hours of playing.

The 22-page-and-growing thread is enough to suggest that this is not a one-off issue. Instruments are breaking, and fast. This, along with the fact that Guitar Hero III controllers are simply refusing to work with Rockband, has made the Thanksgiving holidays a frustrating anticlimax for some. If you’ve been experiencing the same problems, EA’s warranty page and the Rockband community forums may be your only comforts at this point in time.

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One Response to “Rockband Guitar Controller Issues”

  1. Sherri Says:

    My ROCKBAND Guitar STOPPED RESPONDING. Power on, power off, new batteries blue light is on. It will NOT work???
    Anyone else having this problem?

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