US PSN Updates for January 17

This week brings a hearty update for the US PlayStation Store - a Turok demo, more PlayStation Eye games, more Rock Band DLC and a heap of trailers sorts just about everyone out with something to do.


FIFA Street 3 demo
Turok demo


Blast Factor Bundle ($12.99)
Mesmerize: Trace ($1.99)
Tori-Emaki ($1.99)


MotorStorm Double Track Pack - Eagles Nest, Diamondback Speedway ($2.99)

Rock Band DLC
Sweet - “Action” (Cover, $1.99)
Blink 182 - “All the Small Things” ($1.99)
The Monkees - “Last Train to Clarksville” (Cover, $1.99)


PixelJunk Monsters trailer
Borderlands Debut trailer
Dynasty Warriors 6 trailer
Lost Planet trailer
Syphon Filter: Combat Ops trailer

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