E3 Preview - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker


One of the big E3 games that have gotten some more information was Metal Gear Solid. Although it’s not Metal Gear Solid 5, Peace Walker is set for the PSP. The game itself takes place in the 1970s which is ten years after MGS3.  I will admit that graphically it’s not PS3 caliber, but I can imagine this game being so big that it would also make it to the PS2.

Here are some images from the E3 Trailer.


 mgspw_02.jpg   mgspw_04.jpg   mgspw_07.jpg    mgspw_10.jpg   mgspw_11.jpg   mgspw_05.jpg  

The release information is below:

 Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced the launch of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Developed by legendary Hideo Kojima - the mastermind behind the most successful video game tactical-espionage series of all time – this latest PSP installment picks up where Metal Gear Solid®3 for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system leaves off as players take control of the famed Naked Snake. Taking place in 1974, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker features original game design, story and scenario by Hideo Kojima. Scheduled to launch in 2010, the game takes the series in an exciting new direction with its incredible visuals and its unique new game system designed specifically with the PSP in mind. Additionally, download and hardware bundle will be available.

“With Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Kojima Productions has once again pushed the limits of the PSP system, by creating a groundbreaking sequel to Metal Gear Solid®3,” said Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker lets players take the action and excitement of a console game to the PSP system.”

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  1. stella Says:

    This is a good preview of the game.
    I’m excited to set Metal Gear Solid 5 for my PSP.

  2. Noel Says:

    Yippee. I will sell my laptop and will buy a PSP.

  3. Karmaloop Says:

    Fantastic! The photos appear to be taken in the 70s.

  4. Anne Says:

    This is a good game advertsing for Peace Walker. Great!

  5. Leah Says:

    This is a good in game advertising.

  6. Margarette Says:

    I am sure there are 45 lead bullets in this game. Would love to play this soon.

  7. Kathrine Says:

    Hi. Do you have available copies of this game in a blu ray media?

  8. sell macbook laptop Says:

    Nice preview, thanks

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