How to fix broken Rock Band drums


After two weeks of solid rocking, the yellow drum pad on OXM’s Rock Band drum kit was toast. Despite EA’s generous replacement policy, they decided to take matters into their own hands. If you’ve got the prerequisite skills with a soldering iron, this step-by-step guide looks like a much better solution than waiting for a replacement to arrive (and the only one for importers) - although it won’t help with the issue where multiple rapid hits don’t register on certain pads.

via OXM

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7 Responses to “How to fix broken Rock Band drums”

  1. brit Says:

    ya but my yellow pad is not the broken one it is my red pad it is bending back and i see the colored wires inside it

  2. Darlene Vanier Says:

    My son’s Yellow drum on his Rockband 2 drum set for xbox 360, is activating the foot pedal, and the foot pedal is not working. He’s only had it for a little over 2 months, can you help?

  3. eugene Says:

    I have the 1st rock band drumset for the wii and there are several things wrong with it. First my pedal snapped at the bottom so I just taped it and it works fine. But then my red drum pad started peeling and is almost peeled all the way off. The yellow pad just started peeling and basically doesn’t work anymore. You have to pound on it to have it actually count the note. The blue pad has formed a bubble in the center which happened to both the red and yellow pad before they actually started peeling. I need help, advice, etc. please`

  4. scott Says:

    to eugene dude i have the same probkem it sucks!

  5. Pkrnub Says:

    Same thing happened to me except with the blue one.. i cant play any of my songs it wont pick up sound.. advice? please?

  6. Oliver Says:

    I’ve had my Rock Band 1 drums for about 5 months and encountered little to no problems during the duration of that time period (apart from the crappy drum sticks which snapped in five seconds, but I just used my old ps2 drumsticks; world tour does something better). Anyway, they were working perfectly fine until one day near the end of a song the yellow one just completely cut out and hasn’t worked since. Any tips?

  7. Sydney Says:

    I’ve had my Rock Band (for the Wii) drumset for about three years. I didn’t use it much until now, and I’ve been drumming almost every day. I guess I’ve been drumming a bit too hard, because the red drum doesn’t work anymore. And it seems loose. Any ideas on how to fix it?!

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