Guitar Wizard will actually teach you how to play guitar


If Guitar Hero fuels the fantasy of being a guitar god, then Guitar Wizard will provide the tools to actually make that happen, on a real guitar. It’s the next logical step for novices who have never picked up a six-string before Guitar Hero, or those who have found traditional teaching methods unengaging and inefficient.

Guitar Wizard teaches you through method alone, making no reference to music theory - with each string designated a shape and each fret color coded. As songs play, the shapes and colors move across the screen in a manner akin to Guitar Hero. The resulting drawback is that instead of referring to E, B and G strings, you’ll forever know them as diamond, heart and square strings.

The set up isn’t too badly priced either. During a hands on interview at CES, Guitar Wizard’s makers have quoted a full package cost of US$300, and that includes a Washburn guitar, MIDI pickup and software. If you’ve got your own guitar, you’ll only need to purchase a MIDI pickup and software for US$150.

Hit the jump for a hands on demo and interview at CES

via Engadget

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