Religious game Left Behind sent to soldiers in Iraq


Operation Stand Up, an “evangelical military entertainment” group will be sending care packages to American troops in Iraq which will include the game Left Behind: Eternal Forces.

Besides inciting outrage amongst activist groups shocked at the killing of non-Christians, the game has been criticized by everyone from industry mega-douche Jack Thompson, to game reviewers from the mega-site Gamespot.

The so-called Freedom Packets will also include a Christian Extreme Sports DVD and “More than a Carpenter,” a book double printed in Arabic to set the enemy free. The inclusion of the game is “just one more way OSU Tour can be a conduit in changing a soul forever,” according to the OSU website.

OSU has recently been welcomed into the Pentagon-supported ‘America Supports You’ program, a group dedicated to keeping the loved-ones of troops entertained/distracted by providing an upbeat variety of family entertainment. The distribution of these Freedom Packets are just the beginning, as OSU plans on taking the stage in Iraq with a host of celebrities, musical acts and more.

via Joystiq

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