Guam Senator is also a Level 70 Dwarf Priest in WoW

I eat noobs for breakfast

In stark contrast to the stereotypical politician, eager to associate video games with violent crime and many other of society’s ills, Senator Ray Tenorio of Guam is just eager to get home and start raiding with his World of Warcraft guild, the Knights of the Marianas.

Cutting his teeth in Diablo II, he switched to WoW in November 2005 with encouragement from his brother Charlie, who was playing with a guild who needed a healer.

Tenorio said the following to Pacific Daily News:

What I like about World of Warcraft is it’s a great way to be able to reach out and connect with other people. So many different people play - attorneys, accountants, geeks, … all kinds of people.

What makes World of Warcraft so alluring is that it’s always reinventing and adding new content. There’s always something new to come back to.


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