EA puts Sim City on every OLPC

EA puts Sim City on every OLPC

EA have gone above and beyond, and provided each laptop of the “One Laptop Per Child” (OLPC) project with a copy of SimCity. For those who don’t know, the OLPC project is a quest to provide an open-source $100 laptop to kids in third world countries, to better their education and bridge world wide boundaries. The vice-president of The Sims Label, Steve Seabolt had this to say about EA’s involvement:

“SimCity is entertainment that’s unintentionally educational. There are choices and consequences, but in the end, it’s a creativity tool that’s only limited by the player’s imagination. The game should prove to be an incredibly effective way of making the laptop relevant, engaging, and fun, particularly for first time players. We are thrilled to be making this contribution to OLPC to help meet their goal of educating the children of the world.”

Too bad it’s only the original and not 2000, but I guess it might be a bit strenuous on the OLPC.

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