Street Fighter IV design competition at Don’t Panic

Street Fighter IV fan art competition

If you’ve ever been to a site like deviantART before, you’ll realize there’s no shortage of incredibly talented artists out there creating amazing video game fan art just for the love of it. Hopefully a few of those artists are reading this, or already know about the Street Fighter IV competition that Don’t Panic are running at the moment, because this time, they can win something other than geek cred.

The winner receives an original piece of Street Fighter IV artwork signed by producer Yoshinori Ono, a PlayStation 3, a copy of Street Fighter IV, copies of other classic Capcom titles, and gets their art distributed on 100,000 posters.

Check out Don’t Panic for more information.

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  1. Tokyo Street Fighter IV Says:

    It’s really great to see Capcom reaching out in this way. This exposure could possibly even lead to work in the industry or in other industries and will certainly bolster the artist’s portfolio.

    Glad to see Capcom going grassroots.

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