Deus Ex 3 secret out of the bag?


It appears nothing gets past the hawkeyed game-fan, and as evidence I cite the recent Deus Ex 3 teaser. The trailer contained about 1 second of visual information revealing anything about the game, but that one second was enough to generate a rumble of speculation from PC Zone Magazine’s editor. It appears that two versions of the official trailer were released, with the second one edited to remove the conspicuous year “2027″ from sight. The date bears heavy significance, as it could be evidence that the game is set some 20-odd years before the original Deus Ex, making it a prequel.

Does this speculation have any weight to it whatsoever? Could it be that Eidos detected their slip-up and went into damage control? Or perhaps their way of messing with our minds?

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  1. Ian Says:

    Now you made me want to play the first DX
    hate it when that happens :-)

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