Guitar Hero. Now on Mac.

Guitar Hero now on Mac.

DISCLAIMER: I use, and love, Macs. I still found this funny.


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59 Responses to “Guitar Hero. Now on Mac.”

  1. Connor Veale Says:

    Don’t forget the colorful beach ball when you have too many programs open.

  2. Steve Jobbs Says:

    What is this? Macs have supported two-button mice for seven years and have shipped with four buttons for three years. I’m a gay asshole!

  3. Bilal Says:

    Lmao I laughed so hard when I saw this, great post

  4. Recruitment Process Outsourcing Says:

    I don’t get it, is this talking about macs not having a right click or the fact that its just a computer for idiots?

  5. Mike Says:

    This is probably the crappiest photoshop job I have ever seen.

  6. Tim Hanlon Says:

    @Mike - That is definitely the crappiest comment I have ever seen.

  7. Kai Says:

    i don’t think its only about the single button mouse issue, its more about how apple make things that look good and are easy to use but have little to be tweaked with thus making you pay more for less. The way itunes sync ur ipod automatically by default, Apple basically treats you like a computer idiot.

    I got a 1st gen ipod nano but it runs rockbox :-)

  8. Easybutton Says:

    Seriously, who else but a complete computer f**ktard uses a mac?

  9. requieminadream Says:

    But it really IS on the Mac… :-\

  10. RTVmajor Says:


    Try people who do lots of video and sound editing, douchebag.

  11. t5 Says:

    yes, seriously. all u maccy mac mac macs r big ones.

    Seriously, who else but a complete computer f**ktard uses a mac?

  12. t5 Says:

    Try people who do lots of video and sound editing, douchebag.

    hahahahahah, who cares, everything you can do on a mac can be done on other systems as well. you just like having a stick up your ass thinking your os is so special. stop being a f**ktard.

  13. BL8kes_7 Says:

    On behalf of PC users everywhere I would like to apologise for Easybutton and t5.
    Our Fan-boy base may not be as high profile, but we make up for it with our Trolls.

  14. scootch mcrandomname Says:

    lulz @ bl8kes
    and may i say everyone needs to chillax take 5 get off the fanboy bandwagon and remember who the real bad guys here are… teh mexicans

  15. Rancer Says:

    LOL, but seriously, I use Mac and PC, and I love them both. And everything has its faults. Mac has no games. And PC lacks tech support from Microsoft. So, get off the fanboy band. BTW, this thing is funny!

  16. Chris Says:

    Oh, come on. I’ve been a PC user all my life, I’ve never even wanted a Mac, but it’s not like I have a vendetta against Mac users. You PC fanboys give all the rest of a bad name, with your juvenile intelligence and horrible use of English. Give it a rest. Now my PC should radomly crash and reboot any se-

  17. SiriS Says:

    The Mac vs. Linux vs. Windows debate is one of the stupidest ones ever.
    They’re all essentially the same. Mac’s are, so I’ve heard, a bit more expensive, not as customizable, but easier and less glitchy. Windows are slightly more customizable, slightly more glitchy, and slightly less expensive. Linux is a lot more customizable, possibly more glitchy, depending on what all you install, and a lot easier to fuck up, but it’s also all free.
    It just depends which you like more. Most people go with windows because it’s right in the middle.

  18. Jcax Says:

    SiriS don’t bring Linux into this … there’s enough bullshit on this as it is …

  19. Dan Says:

    Funny really, they make out like Mac users are the bad guys but when we see PC jokes we just laugh along, when a typical PC user see a Mac joke it’s more along the lines of ‘OMFG LOL YEH MAC SUX DIK 1 BUTON MOUSE LOL’ or some other uninformed misguided bullshit lol

  20. Neb Says:

    1. macs can use two buttons, you just need to enable it in the system prefs
    2. nothing makes me hate a site like “hi there stumblers!”

  21. Timmeh Says:

    I’m pretty sure that it means that Macs are easier to use… Can’t believe no one pointed that out yet.

  22. mr laz0r Says:

    @neb: using two buttons on those mice that have one piece of plastic covering the whole damn mouse is very frustrating…

  23. Dave Says:

    Note missing strum bar, its not about having only one button (the mega button on laptops if you will ;P), but about how its easy to use.
    Btw, I’m a PC tech, I can’t stand macs, but I love my duel booted osx/vista machine.
    The OS is awesome, the hardware is overpriced

  24. Joe Says:

    Ha, if you rely on tech support you deserve a mac.

  25. technicality Says:

    all of you guys are jerks. i’m 16 and know hella more about computers than most of you. i use windows, mac, and linux. i have a 2 mac desktops and a windows desktop and a laptop with both fedora 8 (linux) and windows XP on it and another laptop with vista, and love them all with all my heart. i love computers and think that this photoshop was awesome, and i shall keep it forever, and i shall always use multiple operating systems as i know that each is good in their own ways, and anyone who has such hate for other operating systems than their own should not be using computers in the first place.

  26. Anon Says:

    HAHA. what are you? some pro-peace super nerd? im sure you MUST know a lot more about computers than the rest of us because it seems you’ve got quite the list of friends; windows, mac, linux, im sure you spend LOADS of time with them.

    Apple = Mostly noobs who don’t know how to troubleshoot their own computer, must rely on dumbed down system. Not any better for video/sound editing than windows (thats just an urban myth). Basically you paying for your lack of computer skills. Same camp that has spread the “windows crashes every blah minutes”. If you knew how to USE your computer, you should be fine. I believe apple computers are only justifiable by those who have loads of money (the kind that are never short on cash) who are looking to have a computer they can treat like an unwanted pet, coming back to it from time to time, and then leaving it in the rain.

    Windows (GOOD user) = Person looking to stay cost efficient even though it may take small effort into learning how to fix own problems. More knowledge about how computer systems actually work (normally). Knows that upgrade-ability for windows is much better than that of apple computers.

    Windows (Foolish user) = Typical windows fanboy who rides on “one button” banter. Puts down apple users without realizing own ignorance. The make up of many people on the internet.

  27. Matt Says:

    I built a PC when I was 18, and I use a mac. Does that still make me a noob? They may not be BETTER at video\sound editing, but they’re certainly a lot faster. One thing that pisses me off to this day is having a roommate with rich parents who bought him an incredible computer, only for it to be destroyed by spyware and dumshit web-browsing. I have yet to see a mac user affected by this.

  28. Says:


    Do you all realize that MAC has been running windows currently and as far back I can find as 1995. Can you run MAC os on a PC?

  29. JoJo Says:

    C’mon.. If Windows PCs sucked any harder, I’d take one out on a date.. :-P

  30. Hans Says:

    Guys, don’t you get it its the fact that Guitar Hero uses 5 buttons and Mac is so simple it only needs one button. This one green button stands for the simplicity of the Mac.

  31. Dustin Says:


    “Windows (Foolish user) = Typical windows fanboy who rides on “one button” banter. Puts down apple users without realizing own ignorance. The make up of many people on the internet.”

    So let’s take apart your argument:

    “Apple = Mostly noobs who don’t know how to troubleshoot their own computer, must rely on dumbed down system.”

  32. Vanity Sin Says:

    The internet is srs fcking business.

  33. GamesAjare » GUITAR HERO AHORA PARA MAC Says:

    […] Mira que minimalista… […]

  34. rossthefrogboy Says:

    My goodness, you people really get het up about this shit, don’t you. What does it matter? we’re all gonna die in a nuclear holocaust or something anyways. Neither PCs or Macs are nuclear-proof. This is just a nerdwar.

  35. Malahk Says:

    The one button may represent the simplicity of a Mac, but that kind of simplicity saps the fun out of it. GH is fun because of the challenge, just like Macs are boring because they’re too hand-holding.

  36. somename_nyuulerrac Says:


    There is a big reason why pc people don’t run Macs on PC’s. Apple doesn’t allow anyone to use there software on anything other than Apple products, even on a virtual machine. If you don’t believe me look at the EULA for the OS.

    @dumb internet folks

    Hi there. Go away. No one really cares that Mac’s look nice and are expensive, run things a little better than PCs, have OS patches that cost $150, and no viruses because of the lack of users who use an *nix based OS. That PCs have a lot of viruses but can run anything you want (except *nix OS stuff obviously), that they are customisable to look and feel like all other OS’, that all the games are on it(even though games have been on Mac and Linux for years), that PCs crash more often that other system(mostly because of careless users who insist on keeping there account administrator instead of being secure and using a limited account, like all other OS’).That Linux needs a degree in computers to understand to run, can’t run games (except of course COD4, all old windows games, most games by valve, but who really needs those?), has the best online support of any OS, runs everything behind the back.

    I’ve used all of these, I currently have Vista and Ubuntu Intrepid dual-booted. But everyone needs to chill. That or just leave… maybe walk into an incinerator? Please? All the information I just stated may sound like I’m joining the argument, but I’m just pointing out that all of this is public knowledge, and that your opinions don’t matter because your just stating the obvious. So go away, and find something more productive to do, like watching paint dry or measuring every blade of grass in your lawn.

  37. anon Says:

    SHOPPED! I can tell by the pixels

  38. Mac User Says:

    I am currently writing this on a mac, I have used a mac for years. I am not entirely dedicated to tweaking and operating a computer, to be honest I have other things to do with my time. Mac has an excellent customer service system and has under warranty repaired my machine quicker and more efficiently then other companies I have dealt with before. Honestly, from some one whose computer savy can best be described as mediocre, I can only one thing about the Mac.

    I wish it was a PC.

    in exchange for a limited suite of easy to use and decidedly behind the curve software apps, whose best feature is inter-compatibility, I loose out on 90% of the interesting things I want to do. As a gamer, my RTS options are Blizzard products and whatever version of civilization or age of empires came out 6 months ago at any given time. Thank god for me Starcraft two is coming out soon.
    For those small games supported, installing any simple third party mod comes to first praying to the all mighty it supports my system at all and then trying to trick the computer into working with it.
    I mostly look for games for Xbox when the option exists.
    And then there’s my fellow mac users, where I go to college I know a good number of them, art types and “media” majors of all the colors of the hard to employ rainbow. When they see my mac I feel the knowing smugness and occasionally understanding nod that says “one of us”, and it gives me the creeps worse then I have ever known. To think I too could end up seeing a beret and suspenders as acceptable attire (shiver).
    The company is well run, the Hardware is well made, I just wish Mac put that Intel chip to the job it was designed for and Install PC on all their machines by default, while their at it, write their software for that system so all the people of the internet can make it better then it is. If Mac just did away with their silly OS, I would enjoy this computer so much more.

    This is a repost from some where else where I posted this, since then I have dual installed XP on this machine and the windows side has been getting far more memory then the mac side devoted to it.

  39. Tranzit Says:

    Can people at least try to understand that a mac is a PC?

    Not because they can run windows, but because the term PC is an acronym, it stands for Personal Computer.

    I have a mac, an iBook G4 to be precise, it is my Personal Computer, it is a PC.

    I’ve stumbled on this and will never see it again but I’m gonna become one of the retards who join the windows/mac/(possibly linux if anyone can be bothered) argument because I’m bored and have nothing better to do before I go out karting in an hour.

    I used a windows based machine from Dell for years, it did the job but I changed to a mac after I got fed up removing viruses, upgrading software that didn’t work and uprgading hardware.

    My mac has never let me down, although it’s getting a bit slow nowadays, other than storage I’ve never had to upgrade hardware because it still performs well. Viruses are a thing of the past due to security built directly into the Unix based OS.

    I use a windows machine at work, it bores me, but most of the time it works.

    I prefer Macs.

  40. Random Says:

    You can run a Mac OS on a PC. L2computer idiot. Plus Apple over prices everything. But macs are messed up from Hipsters and rich people, that make macs stupid and a fad. Ubuntu = fucking awesome. If you know how to use it to its full abilities then you know it makes Windows and Mac look like crap. Windows? Ehh… it is ok. Good for people that don’t know computers and for people who can really make use of it. But yea, Linux can run windows from it. With right setups and other things You can run a MAC OS too.

  41. McCabe Says:

    Well I used mac LONG before they were a status symbol for the simple fact they were easy to use…I work in Vis FX and that is a hard enough job as it is so having a computer OS that dosn’t add too your already mounting problems when doing a job is all you care about. I don’t care about them been cool and having flashy OS…i care about getting my work done and Mac is the best for this end of…and I have thousands of professionals that would agree.

  42. Gabo Says:,130061744,139241748,00.htm

    Macs are not virus proof. And now that they are approaching 10% market share they are starting to get their share of malware.

    I dualboot Windows and Ubuntu 9.04. I use Windows because of the games. I use linux cause its so easy drivers are included with the OS and because I can shut down in 15 seconds instead of over 1 minute. I don’t use mac only because I don’t like their interface. Thats just personal. For those nix users that want to play games check out codeweavers
    to check compatibility go to
    btw there are many open source cross platform games as well

    The biggest mistake most windows users make is surfing the web while running as administrator. They need to use either Firefox or Opera. and have a good firewall/anti spyware system set up and use it. Macs are faster ate video and photo editing because the OS doesn’t take up so much system resources… The cure for that? The extra money you would have paid for mac? Use it on higher spec hardware.

    Windows Vista Ultimate
    Ubuntu 9.04
    Windows XP Pro running on Virtual Box

  43. blogsarestupid Says:

    you’re all faggots, shut up

  44. pandawill Says:

    it is a really nice game

  45. Harry Says:

    Why do all of you care so much about Mac vs. PC? so wtf is wrong with people preferring one over the other? I’m a Mac guy but i not smug about it, its just a fucking computer. go try sleeping with a woman for Christ’s sake.

  46. Nakefocz Says:

    I hate all computers

  47. Fonk Says:

    As far as I can tell you’re all pretty disillusioned. Your OS or hardware doesn’t get you through the tasks you need to perform, your software applications do. I hate this bullsh*t, naive argument the Macs are better than PCs at photo / video / audio editing and production. Arguably the best applications in this field are produced by Avid, Digidesign, or Adobe and they support both Windows and OSX. You try telling a seasoned, prefessional Pro Tools HD3 user that they need to switch to the other platform because it’s simpler / more powerful / crashes less / has one mouse button / has fifty mouse buttons / etc. - they’ll tell you to “f*%K off, you tw#t”. Any software vendor worth its salt will produce applications for as many platforms as possible, with little or no difference in performance and absolutely no difference in functionality. For all the windows users who play the “there’s no games on the Mac” card, the main reason for this is because it’s not a trivial task to rewrite the graphics layer in a DirectX game - which a large majority are - to use OSX’s alternative, OpenGL. But again, you can hardly separate OpenGL and DirectX in performance and functionality.

  48. Titz Says:

    As far as I can tell the Mac vs PC argument goes like this:

    Mac user:
    “You know, you really should be running that software on a Mac instead of that PC.”

    PC user:
    “Oh really? Would it have extra features?”

    Mac user:
    “Er, well, no. Looks nicer though. I love Macs, me. Death to Microsoft!”

    PC user:
    “I wish YOU were dead.”

    … Or like this:

    PC user:
    “Good God, why have you spent all that money on that iMac? You can’t even open it up and upgrade it and stuff.”

    Mac user:
    “Oh, I suppose I just wanted to… y’know… use it, really.”

    PC user:
    “Ha Ha look, it’s only got one mouse button… Oh, wait my tripple-overclocked-sli-atiforce graphics card has just melted. Sh#t!”

    Mac user:
    “You tw%t!”

    It’s all a bit silly really, isn’t it?

  49. gblark Says:


  50. Ann Onymous Says:

    A majority of the comments here lower the quality of this page as a whole. There is no point trying to be neutral about the whole Mac vs PC vs Linux issue by saying “they are good on different things” and simplify their pros and cons to such a level that it just isn’t true anymore. The picture of the stripped down guitar is a parody of how simple a Mac is to use. The picture is not supposed to be a valid argument why Macs are good or why Macs suck. I also find it really uninteresting whether a poster is using PC, Mac, Linux or a combination. It is like reviewing a movie featuring Denzel Washington, and at the end of the review state “I am white”. Who cares if you’re white, it doesn’t change whether your are right or wrong or worth listening to. I would also like to let you know that I wrote this rant with a pencil, then I scanned the page into a computer running Mac, Windows and Linux to make sure it would not sound biased. I also flipped coins to decide which browser to use for posting this. I’m also multiracial.

  51. BlakNuppy Says:

    I always assumed that macs just used a separate internet than the rest of us, like what AOL used to provide. It never occurred to me that they were real computers so it only makes sense that they can’t get viruses.

  52. tiredoldbastard Says:

    Owned and maintained a Windows box for 10 years. Only two virus hassles so far (because I know how to be appropriately paranoid regarding email attachments and hanging around at Russian porn sites etc etc). I use it to record, edit and produce music (Sony Acid, Reason, FruityLoops, Cubase) and have started using it to produce videos (Vegas, Premiere Pro, After Effects). So far so good.

    Was convinced last year to spend a couple of grand on a Macbook. Spent another shitload of cash to get Logic Audio and Final Cut Pro… (this is because some mac devotee got the better of me and seduced me with bits of bullshit phrases like “industry standard” and the like.

    Nevermind I probably would’ve just wasted the cash on cocaine and prostitutes…. or food. Moot point now….

    I STILL use the Windows box for everything. The Macbook was IMO a pain in the arse to run and tweak; the software didn’t have any real advantages (nothing a bit of sticky tape and some creativity couldn’t fix) and I was astonished at how expensive all the various peripherals were.

    In the end I installed an alarm clock program on the Mac and it sits beside my bed as the world’s most expensive alarm clock.

  53. wtf Says:

    Mac’s are fag. I’ve never tried it, but I just know, because I’m a retard :)

    Some guy I know, which is at the same IQ level as me, said the mouse was horrible, and he didn’t manage to right click it. The reason was mainly because he managed to eat his own hand while he was masturbating his own father.


  54. Nyder Says:

    I can’t wait for Guitar Hero 2 on the Mac.
    They got rid of the button and now there’s only a wheel!

  55. joe Says:

    haters hate, and im a hater! macs suck!

  56. jojo Says:

    for all you saying macs suck and what not, im guessing your pc users….. um take a look at both os. pc is going the same way as mac … walk into an apple store then walk into a pc store. there is no differences Microsoft is just copying mac , wish they could come up with something that is original… and a half way decent os

  57. wendy2020 Says:

    On behalf of PC users everywhere I would like to apologise for Easybutton and t5.
    Our Fan-boy base may not be as high profile, but we make up for it with our Trolls.

  58. peterhe Says:

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  59. pony Says:

    what is this ?I’ve never tried it.

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