Simpsons producer says Rockstar “spazzed out like little babies”

Simpsons producer says Rockstar “spazzed out like little babies”

You’ve gotta love a good bit of drama and that’s exactly what we are still getting from the Rockstar/EA tiff. It seems the developers of The Simpsons game at EA are still very much bitter, as came to the fore in their appearance on Game Head. Here is Executive producer, Matt Selman‘s take on the events:

The game begins with Bart wanting to play a game called Grand Theft Scratchy. Of course this is a parody of Grand Theft Auto. And Marge immediately takes it away from him. She tries to clean up the town and stop the game from being distributed in Springfield because Marge is against video game violence. She uses horrific violence to stop video game violence… in a video game. Thats called irony… The people who make Grand Theft Auto, they spazzed out like little babies.

Senior producer Matt Warburton felt that Rockstar should live up to their namesake more:

They’re supposed to be rockstars… That’s not a big Rockstar move, to be afraid of The Simpsons making fun of their game.

Selman then mocked Rockstar’s reasoning:

We couldn’t get our game out in time, so we’re afraid that the gamers — who are not morons — are going to get confused by an Itchy and Scratchy poster of Grand Theft Scratchy - they’re going to think that’s the same thing as Grand Theft Auto…EA lawyers are afraid to use the name Grand Theft Scratchy in promoting the game… [Rockstar’s] games are full of satire, lame attempts at parody… basically putting the words sixty-nine in wherever they can find it…

Finally Selman applied the old thinly veiled insult to end the interview:

Their games are amazing. Trust me, I’ll be the first person in line to play Grand Theft Auto 4… in five years when it comes out.

Looks like this isn’t going to end any time soon. As long as more people are “spazzing out like little babies” I’m loving it.

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