FEATURE: Why PAL PS3 users should import Rock Band

Why PAL PS3 users should import Rock Band.

Those of our readers who are outside the US and still eagerly awaiting Rock Band may have heard the ugly rumor that PlayStation 3 owners outside the US wouldn’t be getting their fix until September. As an Australian who has been playing the game since 2007, I ask you this - what exactly are you waiting for?

The PAL Rock Band bundle packs two key differences:

  • A localised track list, which will undoubtedly be made available as downloadable content for all regions anyway
  • A localised price, which will undoubtedly follow the current trend of tacking on a 30-40% premium for no good reason

The former means you’ve got no reason to wait, and the latter means you can get a bundle shipped to your house half way across the globe within a week and end up paying about the same as you would at a local store in September.

…but what about the broken peripherals?

If you actually want the game but are still hesitant to jump on eBay at this stage, I’m guessing you’re worried about peripherals crapping out on you. I wouldn’t be. A vast majority of bundles you could get your hands on now would not have come from the initial run where there was a chance of receiving a dud guitar or drum kit - and as someone who got two sets of drums and one guitar from the early shipments that have undergone heavy use and remain in perfect working order, I think the issues may have been overstated by a vocal minority…

My guitar arrived in 100% working order despite the box looking like it had been used for a football, and both sets of drums arrived with 100% working pads that don’t flake out on the fast rolls on Expert level. I’m not sure - I could be incredibly lucky, but something makes me doubt it.

Unfortunately there is one problem I can promise you will encounter. The kick pedal will snap without DIY reinforcement - you might think you can treat it with enough love, but your large, drunk friend will negate your soft touch within two bars of their first track - trust me. There are eBay sellers flogging pre-made solutions to either drill or stick on to the pedal, however a roll of gaffer and random stuff lying around the house did the trick for me in a jam - for two different pedals.

…but what about DLC?

This is a tricky one for now, with an elegant solution on the horizon.

I’ve heard reports of foreign credit cards working with a US PlayStation Network account, however I had no luck with mine. My solution? I have a relative in California who doesn’t mind me using her credit card. The solution for those without friends or family in the US is coming in the form of PlayStation Network cards.

Previously available in Japan, the cards are soon to be released in the US - which means you’ll be able to import them and use them in conjunction with a US PlayStation Network account on your PAL machine - and hence get your Rock Band DLC fix.

Do it already!

Rock Band is an amazing game - not only can it teach you how to play the drums, it’s perhaps the ultimate party game - straight up karaoke or an all-inclusive dork fest. So stop taking our word for it! Don’t let some jerk in a tie decide when you and your friends get to pretend you’ve got skills! Praise Sony for the fact there’s no region coding on PlayStation 3 game discs, jump on eBay/Amazon, order that shit, and start practicing your mean face.

The Hives have had plenty of mean face practice.

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12 Responses to “FEATURE: Why PAL PS3 users should import Rock Band”

  1. assassin2k Says:

    A couple of things to say on your article:

    1 - You can use a mastercard/entropay (www.entropay.com) card on the US PSN as these don’t check your address. I got an entropay card and used dollars as the currency and it worked fine for me

    2 - I imported the game and my guitar broke. I rang EA in America who refused to replace it unless I ship it to someone in America first, they say their warranty only covers America/Canada so far but when it’s released in the UK if I wanted to wait that long I’d be able to get it replaced then, so lucky for me the ebay user is replacing it for me!

  2. Neil Kelly Says:

    I live in the UK and have the US version of the game. But i was wondering, when they do release the game in the UK will UK downloadable content work on my US version? Or will i only be able to download US dlc??

  3. paul holt Says:

    is there anyway for me to get the downloadable tracks on to my pal ps3 because in the store it says i have purchased all tracks when i obviously havent is there anyway off transfering them

  4. Paul Holt Says:

    i buyed the playstdion 3 met rockbant en it is veri fun game for play becusae de trums en kitar ar fery funny!

  5. Eddie Gleeson Says:

    I just wanted to know where you ordered it from, so far all the postage costs I’ve seen are overpriced…please e-mail

  6. Louise Harper Says:

    I have an American RockBand Special Edition for sale. Im in the UK.
    I imported it from America and used it like once, iv since lost my bloke who played it with me and dont have friends to play it with me.
    So its up on ebay or email me harper94uk@yahoo.co.uk if interested.

  7. jack Says:

    does US version work on the UK version.
    Email me back. Please

  8. Tim Hanlon Says:

    @Eddie - I ordered it from the US eBay. Shipping was a lot, but worked out better than paying double for the local version.

    @jack - If you mean “Does the US version of Rock Band work on a UK PlayStation 3″ the answer is yes.

  9. Kyle Says:

    Sorry for the shameless plugging of my own stuff - but I’ve written a comprehensive artice on importing Rock Band which covers fixing the instruments, buying extra songs and how to buy the Special Edition for $205 American dollars. DO IT!


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    […] Hero World Tour preparing for a pre-Christmas launch. Of course, I still think PS3 owners should import Rock Band if they’re sick of waiting. I paid a lot less than £180 / EUR 240 - and that was with […]

  11. Lore Says:

    i’m from italy and i have a PAL ps3, i want to order rock band from us but can i download songs prom US playstation store by my PAL playstation? or are there any other ways?? please help me!!!

  12. john Says:

    Why wait you ask? Well by the time Rock Band is released in the UK, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour will also be released. That’s why.

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