How to unlock unlimited ammo in Resident Evil 5

How to get unlimited ammo for all weapons in Resident Evil 5.

1. Complete the game on any difficulty.

2. Fully upgrade the gun you want unlimited ammo for.

3. Go to the Bonus Features menu to “purchase” unlimited ammo for a particular gun.

4. Go to the Special Settings menu and activate unlimited ammo.

Note: when joining a co-op game over Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network, the host must have unlimited ammo turned on for your guns to have unlimited ammo.

How to unlock unlimited ammo for the Grenade Launcher

You can’t. This is presumably due to the fact there are several types of ammunition for it, and it can be purchased, unlike all other ammunition.

How to unlock unlimited ammo for the Rocket Launcher

You need to beat the game in under 5 hours on any difficulty. You don’t need to do this in one sitting - the game just adds up your best time for each level. You’d be surprised how easy it is to smash through levels once you have unlimited ammo for one or two guns.

How much to unlock unlimited ammo for each gun?

You don’t use money to purchase unlimited ammo, you use the points you get for completing a level. You can get up to 1500 points for an S rank, 1000 points for an A rank, and 500 points for a B rank on Amateur/Normal difficulty. I’m not sure if you get more on harder difficulties.

Needless to say, it’s going to take you a long time to unlock unlimited ammo for every gun in Resident Evil 5.

Weapon Points
M92F 6000
VZ61 6000
Ithaca M37 8000
H&K P8 10000
SIG P226 10000
H&K MP5 10000
M3 12000
Jail Breaker 12000
AK-74 15000
SIG 556 15000
S75 15000
Dragunov SVD 15000
H&K PSG-1 15000
S&W M29 15000
Lightning Hawk 15000
M93R 20000
S&W M500 20000
Hydra 20000

11 Responses to “How to unlock unlimited ammo in Resident Evil 5”

  1. CuriousAboutLongbowAndGatlingGun Says:

    can you buy unlimited ammo for longbow or gatling gun?( i haven’t gotten them yet so i don’t know if you start of with unlimited already or not)

  2. Soop Says:

    Yes you start with the unlimited ammo, anyways, where can you see how long you took doing the 5 hours?

  3. guest 9408 Says:

    you dont buy unlimted amo for the gatling gun or the long bow
    when you buy the vz61 machine gune upgrade it to its max the then after you done that you know where you buy wepons it will say new item scroll down and you will see the gatling gun for 50,00k then the gatling gun is unlimted for the long bow when you fully upgrad the first rifle in the game fully upgrade it to its max than look on the buy screen and it will saynew item
    scroll donw you will see the long bow for the same price as the gatlingun once you bought the long bow it is unlimted amo

  4. corey Says:

    hay i beet the game fully upgraded my first sniper but i didnt get the long bow

  5. zack Says:

    when u beat game you go to new game + pick sheva she is only one who can have long bow on organize it will say new on buy the bow is 40000$

  6. Rainier Says:

    Hi, I already beat the game twice (Amateur) and upgrade most of the weapons and found all 30 emblems. When i click Bonus Feature, the upgraded weapons slot are still ?????. But if i press play the Unlimited Ammo option is there and I turn it on but still no Unlimited ammo. Please help me I’m tired of picking up ammo. i’m kind of a trigger happy guy Please help:)

  7. cute girl ''y2j fan'' Says:

    i dont like resdent evel 5 very much i think resdnt evil 4 is a lot better but this cheats was very very helpful so thank u so much

  8. Mystery Says:

    Bull for the inf grenade launcher i saw it myself while playing with another player online i saw it

  9. zombiecrusher Says:

    ive completed the game and fully upgraded 2 weapons and ive been to bonus features but unlimited ammo isnt there and its not in special setting either (does completing the first 4 chapters in co-op and then completing the rest on solo count)

  10. xbox Says:

    can our partner use unlimited ammo tooooo ???

  11. gigike Says:

    nekem kéne a resident evil 4-hez ps2-re a korlátlan l?szer sehol sem találom ha valki tudja legyenszives segiten!!! már az islandon vagy és alig van l?szer viszont annélkül meg nem lehet megoldani :S köszi

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