DS Lite update rumor

DS Lite update rumored to be finnished

While we reported a week or so ago that Nintendo were not planning to release a successor to the DS anytime soon, there are rumors abound that they already have an update of the DS Lite ready to go. Supposedly the big N is just waiting for Lite sales to cool off a bit before they reel you all back in.

The redesign is rumored to be slimmer thanks to the loss of the GBA port, will feature bigger screens and include some built in storage. Presumably it will house some more internal RAM so that the Opera browser will work, but there is no news on that yet.

via Engadget

2 Responses to “DS Lite update rumor”

  1. Nintendo DS Lite Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I dont think the DS lite sales are going to die down anytime soon. They have gone the way of the Wii, my guess is they will be sold out by the end of the week.


  2. shraddha Says:

    Wow, waiting for the slimmer revamp of DS Lite. Large screen and built in storage capabilities are surely to be liked by all game loving youngsters. I hope it’s not a rumor and Nintendo comes up with a design like this!

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