Weekly Online Deals

Taking a look around online, I found some good products on Amazon this week for each of the systems.

Katamari Damacy - $9.97 - I love Katamari Damacy and although there have been later games, the whole concept is still the same. I don’t really think there was too much evolution in the game, but the original was the groundbreaker.


Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - $22.50 - Now this is a game that’s just fun. If you’re in need for a good party game, look no further.


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - $39.99 - I got this game back when they had the PS3 bundle and I played it all the way through. The game was riveting and although I’m not huge on action/adventure games MGS4 was captivating.


Assassin’s Creed - $23.99 - I know a sequel has come out, but if you haven’t gotten into the game definitely take a look. It didn’t hit the Platinum/Greatest hits status for nothing.


Kirby Super Star Ultra - $26.99 - I know that the price change isn’t much, but if I had to pick a definite 2-D Kirby game, this one is it. The Super Nintendo version was a classic and the little touches added to the DS version fills out the game. Some people may think that the game is a little short, but the mini-games keeps this one fresh.

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