The best video game wedding cake ever

The Super Mario Kart wedding cake.

I’ve seen plenty of video game cakes in my time - but they pale in comparison to this amazingly detailed piece of 100% edible art. I think I’d feel guilty eating a piece. Click through for close-ups.

Super Mario Kart wedding cake.

Super Mario Kart wedding cake.

Super Mario Kart wedding cake.

Super Mario Kart wedding cake.

Super Mario Kart wedding cake.

M.A.L’s Flickr via The Tanooki

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66 Responses to “The best video game wedding cake ever”

  1. AiRsTrIkE Says:


  2. Puffles Says:

    It’s perfect, except for the fact that Peach’s face looks horrifying.

  3. amar Says:


  4. Li Zhang Says:

    Wow, that’s really good.

  5. Zekk Says:

    I was expecting Mario next to a sign saying “Your bride is in another castle.”

    Peach is such a fucking whore

  6. Tim Hanlon Says:

    @AiRsTrIkE - It was only a matter of time :)

  7. Mike Says:

    That’s the most beautiful piece of any kind of art I’ve ever seen.

    And I don’t care how Peach looks, it’s badass that they got Mario’s height right and that they had him stand on a ? block to have him tall enough to kiss her.

  8. Jakebob Says:

    Looks like yoshi is humpin’ the shit out of that kart.

  9. rgrg Says:

    pathetic whoever had this cake

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  11. Zack Says:

    Where can I get the number of the guy that made this cake?

  12. Coryn Says:

    Any idea who made this cake???

    Its absolutely amazing. The detail and skill is wonderful!

  13. Tim Hanlon Says:

    @Zack, Coryn - You’d have you contact M.A.L, the owner of the Flickr gallery where the pictures originated.

  14. Dana Says:

    I think peach looks great! The artist/decorator made her face really sweet…

  15. jen Says:

    oh what, no goombas? XD

    its awesome anyways.

  16. Chantix Says:

    That cake is more art, I wouldn’t want to take a bite of it, just look.

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  18. spense09 Says:

    thats extreme. but with all the crazy game cakes. how do you cut half of them

  19. Lana Says:

    It’s a nice idea, but I wouldn’t really eat it, n ruin it :P

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  21. James Says:

    Its a shame your anti image leeching script is broken.

  22. Jenny Says:

    oh wow that is so awesome.

  23. alex Says:

    i wonder if they the cake is filled with shrooms

  24. jimothy Says:

    you will be baked and then there will be cake

  25. John Says:

    Princess Peach’s face looks like a Bratz doll with eye herpies… and Yoshi’s obviously not paying attention to the road so he’s about to slip on a banana peel and get fucked up by a turtle shell…

  26. The Rant Says:

    LOL now thats an imagination at work. great post.

    Stumbled and thumbs up!

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  28. Portal Says:

    “the cake is a lie!!” hahahahahaha

  29. Captain Monkey Says:

    Great Cake!! I think this one just tops it though!

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  32. Frank Jaegar Says:

    At the end of this test, you will be BAKED. [gladOs]

  33. big dave Says:

    This 100% edible beauty was created by Beth in Costa Mesa, CA!

  34. Ady Says:

    it lOok Yuuk…………. u guyz suxxxxx

  35. music for medicine Says:

    i saw this on the show “Ace of Cakes”!!! yay baltimore :D

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  37. isa Says:

    :D Wow, this is amazing. Love it!

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  39. Tampa Wedding Says:

    Unbelievable cake! I have never quite seen anything like that before in my life!

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  43. Mallory Says:

    OMG This is totally going to be my wedding cake. I LOVE IT

  44. Elliott Says:

    One Question how did they cut it without it falling down

  45. Katrina Says:

    Wow. This is seriously incredibly. I’m awed and amazed. Was it made at Charm City Cakes?

  46. Ghost Hound Anime Says:

    wow…great cake indeed. This is a master piece.

  47. Baylei/Tristin Says:

    “This cake is great, now Luigi and Daisy need to hook up.” B.

    “This cake is super awesome.” T.

  48. bali wedding Says:

    mario bross? such a detail wedding cake. no wonder. The best!

  49. Naomi Dansua Says:

    I love the cake and wish to have it on my wedding day.

  50. Winter Wedding Ideas Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this post. Packed with useful information, will certainly be recommending your blog to my readers

  51. Brianna Says:

    AWWW what a cute cake!

  52. Sarah Says:

    That is…awesome. There are just no words to describe how cool that is.

  53. starlightjulian Says:

    You may find the photos taken by the original owner of this cake at

    The cake was made by Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake.

  54. Download Games Says:

    I have never seen such an amazing cakes in my life. I congratulate the creator of these cakes for such a creative work.

  55. Free Games Says:

    This is really an example of creativity at its best display. Which game is this from?

  56. Trolita Says:

    It’s fake. Obviously photoshopped.

  57. I Says:

    I don’t think so, it isn’t photoshopped

  58. Video Games Says:

    so cute.. it was a concept of super mario in the Nintendo.. really nice!

  59. Laceface Says:

    besides the fact the peach looks like lady gaga, this cake is amazing absolutely beautiful and perfect…

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  61. video game trailers Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a exploration on the matter and found most people will concur with your blog. Thanks for sharing…

  62. James Says:

    Very cool cake! My gf and I want to do a Harry Potter castle one some day :D For our wedding!

  63. asd Says:


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  66. person Says:

    whatever fucking asshole made this cake is a fucker bitchy person and yes Yoshi is humping the shit out of the cart. he/or she is terrible and who would want a fucking Mario wedding cake anyway??

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