Mass Effect unbanned in Singapore

Mass Effect un-banned in Singapore

A few days after banning the game Singaporean officials have decided to allow Mass Effect to make its way on to the shelves. Today Online reported on the change of heart:

After fanning the ire of the video gaming community with the ban of Mass Effect, the authorities have done a U-turn by rating the highly-anticipated futuristic space adventure by Microsoft and allowing its sale in Singapore.
In a statement on Friday, the Media Development Authority (MDA) said the game had been reviewed by the Board of Film Censors (BFC) and is now rated M18. The decision comes ahead of its planned implementation of a classification system for video games.

It’s a big win for Singaporean citizens, with both the unbanning of Mass Effect and the addition of a rating system for games. Who knows, maybe players of the game will start to challenge the archaic homosexuality laws the country holds.

via Gamepolitics

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