John Mayer on the Guitar Hero phenomenon


Bad car analogies? John Mayer loves them. After being asked how he feels about “the whole Guitar Hero-game phenomenon” in a recent interview, he responded:

I don’t ever want to be the kind of guy who rails against whatever progress has taken place. But Guitar Hero was devised to bring the guitar-playing experience to the masses without them having to put anything into it. And having done both, there’s nothing like really playing guitar. I mean, what would you rather drive, a Ferrari or one of those amusement-park cars on a track?

I take it you laugh to yourself when you see kids with training wheels on their bike too, John?

Mayer is then asked a far juicier question regarding the democratization of music creation technology, and how easy it is for kids to create music these days:

The fact that you could record a song tonight greatly dements the creative process. The fact that if you wanted to right now, you and your friends could get together, do a photo shoot. Within 20 minutes you could have a band name, a photo shoot, a Website, a logo. The first time I ever got a four-track recorder I didn’t write a song. I did like as many-part harmony to “Star Spangled Banner” vocally as I could do, because you just want to experience the technology. So I think that’s part of it too. I’m trying to be compassionate about it and not say oh, these fuckin’ kids, you know? But it is.

There you have it kids, he might be incredibly successful - but he’s an arrogant turd just waiting to turn the answer to a relevant, insightful industry question into more reasons why he’s better than everyone else.

via Rolling Stone

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8 Responses to “John Mayer on the Guitar Hero phenomenon”

  1. John Mayer Celebrity Gossip | John Mayer on the Guitar Hero phenomenon Says:

    […] John Mayer loves them. After being asked how he feels about “the whole Guitar Hero-game phenomenon” in a recent interview, he responded:. I don’t ever want to be the kind of guy who rails against whatever progress has taken place. … Source: John Mayer on the Guitar Hero phenomenon […]

  2. Callum Says:

    The difference, I think, is that kids with training wheels are actually learning to ride. They will not keep the wheels on forever, whereas these guitar hero things are a short cut so that people will never have to learn.
    You asked John his opinion and he gave it, now you want to have a go for him having that opinion, just because it didn’t agree with you idea of what should be. Maybe YOU’RE the wanker here, and you should have some respect for someone who encourages kids to buy this crap you’re promoting, because they want to try be like him.

  3. Tim Hanlon Says:

    @Callum - Guitar Hero doesn’t teach you guitar, but it teaches you what the role of the guitar in modern music actually is (most non-musicians don’t separate instruments in their minds) and the “essence” of playing it - notes with your left, strum/pick with your right hand. More importantly, it helps you picture yourself doing the real thing, which is the first step to actually doing it.

    Yes, some kids wither away their best years trying to full combo Dragonforce, but others like me went and bought themselves a real guitar and started getting some real chops. A friend of mine is a guitar teacher and he says business is booming thanks to Harmonix.

  4. Callum Says:

    Business is booming thanks to Harmonics??? Harmonics business is booming thanks to the John Mayers out there. You still are not showing him respect for that.

  5. Tim Hanlon Says:

    @Callum - John Mayer is the classic case of right place, right time - a pretty boy with an acoustic guitar who brought nothing fresh to the table but made millions anyway. He will do just fine without my respect.

    Did you hear that Motley Crue sold roughly 10x more of their latest single as Rock Band downloadable content than they did on CD? Explain that in the context of your last comment.

  6. Callum Says:

    Well…let me think. It just proves my point. Harmonixs is benefiting from the John Mayers (or Motley Crues, if you like.) Why don’t you interview them, and then tear them apart for answering your questions in a way that you don’t like? I bet the Motley Crue guitarist thinks Harmonixs is a load of shit as well. He just might not say it out loud because he’s probably making money from it.

    The fact is, this Harmonixs thing is just another aspect to the whole ‘Pop Idol’ culture, where music is no longer an art, but a business run by accountants and lawyers. I’ve been playing the guitar since i was six, and while I am nowhere near the talent of John Mayer, I have something to show for it. What will kids have to show for buying this Harmonixs thing?

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  8. beginner guitars Says:

    John Mayer of all people insulting Guitar Hero? It’s a great place to “start”

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