Geek wedding with Mario cake and Zelda ice luge

The Mario Brothers Cake.

Kotaku reader and Blizzard Entertainment employee Cory has provided pictures of the ultimate geek wedding. Yes, that’s a three tier Mario cake, complete with oddly-placed underwater level, made by professional cake maker Erica Obrien.

Armed with the knowledge that video game cakes are a fairly common occurrence these days, Cory had Union Ice sculpt a very special ice luge - the Master Sword and Hylien Shield from The Legend of Zelda.

The Master Sword and Hylian shield ice luge.

While it’s not clear if the wedding involved cosplay, I’d like to think it did.

via Kotaku


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8 Responses to “Geek wedding with Mario cake and Zelda ice luge”

  1. Rdude Says:

    The mario and peach wedding cake is so cool.I found the ice sculpture amazing!

  2. Amazed Says:


  3. Pause Button Says:

    Wow, that Ice Sculpture is quite something…

  4. SAG Says:

    it’s a “Hyrulian Shield”, you non-geek jackass.

  5. SAG Says:

    If you’re gonna post something geeky, get it effin’ right!!

  6. Timothy Says:

    pretty sure you’re a dumbass, sag

    it’s hylian

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