ElectroKraft release Super Synth Drums for the NES

Super Synth Drums for the NES.

Music producers in search of that unmistakable 8-bit sound have a plethora of options available to them, but few are as authentic as Super Synth Drums - an actual cartridge that works on a real (or pirate) NES system. Granted, its sound palette is so narrow you could spit across it, and the Midines is a far better bit of kit, but it’s half the price and we always like to see more labor-of-love projects supporting discontinued hardware.

The Super Synth Drums cartridge is available from ElectroKraft for $49 plus shipping. Click through for a terrible demonstration video, which demonstrates as much of the demonstrators crotch as it does the actual product.

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  1. Tony Amendolare Says:


    The Super Synth Drums cartridge was not intended to compete with midines. My cart is a very simple program that produces 8 bit NES percussion sounds.

    I just learned 6502 ASM language, taught to me by the people at NESDev.com

    Donating 15% of sales made on ebay to a hunger charity called “Action Against Hunger”, based in NY.

    Just as someone might like to pick up a hand drum, bongo or tabla and just start playing it, this was the same idea I had for the Super Synth Drums cart, very simple and easy (and fun).

    Thanks for the interest, I appreciate it.

    Tony Amendolare

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