Complete NES game collection on eBay

Complete NES collection on eBay.

Got huge wads of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Check out this eBay auction for 741 NES cartridges, including all 670 Nintendo-licensed games released in North America.

The bidding is now at $3,600 however the reserve is not yet met. The shipping alone will set you back $400, but this is unlikely to bother anyone who spends this kind of money on piles of shitty old games.

eBay via gameSniped

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3 Responses to “Complete NES game collection on eBay”

  1. DRock Says:

    These games might be shitty to you but for some like me it’s more of a passion. Leave your fuckin comments to your self.

  2. Tim Hanlon Says:

    Leave my comments to myself? On a video game blog that I founded, write for, and edit? You are an idiot.

  3. BoSsMoNsTeR Says:

    Dont worry about it DRock, its just his opinion, and his opinion sucks cock.

    I love retro games, i grew up with this shit, id never spend that kind of money in one go, rather collect over a period of years.

    Besides, what kind of writer ridicules an entire class of hobbyist without any kind of provocation. I think stamp collecting is rather silly, im sure the collecters dont see it that way, an im certainly not small minded or cretinous enough to publicly put them down for it.

    I wonder what this arrogant fuck likes to spend his money on?

    Dont worry, you got plenty of time to think up some sophisticated bullshit.

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