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Rockband Guitar Controller Issues

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007


The official Rockband community forums are reporting numerous problems with the Fender Stratocaster controller. Most commonly, the controller’s “down strum” has been failing to register or will double register notes after only a few hours of playing.


Rock Band unbundled instruments will arrive “soon”

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Time to get our peripherals organized, for the release date for the Rock Band bundle looms tantalizingly near. But the redundancy-phobes amongst us who are already holding Xbox 360 guitar controllers need answers – namely, when can we get our individual instruments? Some helpful and reassuring news came today from the mouth of Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopolous:

We are working diligently to get individual instruments into the channel as soon as humanly possible and we have a huge effort in place to make this happen. Harmonix supports open platform standards in our game design, so people will most likely be able to use their existing peripherals with Rock Band. Also, note that standalone software will be available at launch.