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GameStop opens first “Tournament Store”

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

GameStop opens first “Tournament Store”

Big name in the game retail industry, GameStop have announce the opening of their first “Tournament Store”. The store will operate like a normal store but hold big tournaments on weekends. 24 networked gaming stations litter the store equipped with plasma screens. The first function will be a Madden NFL 08 tournament in which the winning player will take home a $1000 GameStop giftcard.

Hopefully this gets the attention it deserves and maybe even raises the West’s awareness of professional gaming.

via Next Generation

Hevad Khan: from Street Fighter to World Series of Poker

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Come on, show me your mean face!

Heard of Hevad Khan before? Didn’t think so. The 22-year-old from New York just finished 6th at the World Series of Poker, walking away with a cool US$956,000. His brutal training regime leading up to the event saw him playing 26 tables of Poker online simultaneously, but his talent doesn’t end there. He’s played both Street Fighter and Starcraft at a competitive level, and has been clocked playing Starcraft at a whopping 500 actions per minute. Of course, people with this kind of horsepower under the hood tend to be a little odd, and Hevad doesn’t disappoint - after taking the chip lead on Day 5 of the World Series he screamed, put a chair on his head and said “Do you like my new hat? Does it look good?”

via GameSetWatch