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Australian Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection pre-orders get limited-edition soundtrack on numbered blue vinyl

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Pre-order the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, get a limited-edition soundtrack on blue vinyl.

We were already looking forward to Sega’s upcoming Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, with 40 16-bit era classics including the Streets of Rage trilogy. Now, even more so. JB Hi-Fi has landed a world exclusive offer, where those of you who pre-order the game will receive a limited-edition soundtrack on individually numbered blue vinyl.


ElectroKraft release Super Synth Drums for the NES

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Super Synth Drums for the NES.

Music producers in search of that unmistakable 8-bit sound have a plethora of options available to them, but few are as authentic as Super Synth Drums - an actual cartridge that works on a real (or pirate) NES system. Granted, its sound palette is so narrow you could spit across it, and the Midines is a far better bit of kit, but it’s half the price and we always like to see more labor-of-love projects supporting discontinued hardware.

The Super Synth Drums cartridge is available from ElectroKraft for $49 plus shipping. Click through for a terrible demonstration video, which demonstrates as much of the demonstrators crotch as it does the actual product.


LucasArts have looked at resurrecting graphic adventure games

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

LucasArts have looked at resurrecting graphical adventure games.

Whenever I think of LucasArts, I wonder why they stopped making graphic adventure games. According to LucasArts PR manager Chris Norris, this kind of question is all too common.

“We have looked at it,” admits Norris. “It is something we are continually looking at - new venues to put out our library of games on. We’re not announcing anything about that because honestly I don’t know anything about it.”

And why don’t they release the games on the Wii or DS, both formats sporting interfaces which are undeniably perfect for a translation?


Unreleased Atari 2600 game found on EPROMs purchased at a flea market

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008


A video game collector in Oakland recently found their holy grail - an Atari 2600 game that was never finished, and never released. Unfortunately the game in question, Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park, isn’t likely to entertain anyone when the collector inevitably connects with someone who can dump Atari 2600 ROMs.

Gism Butter via Slashdot

Complete NES game collection on eBay

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Complete NES collection on eBay.

Got huge wads of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Check out this eBay auction for 741 NES cartridges, including all 670 Nintendo-licensed games released in North America.

The bidding is now at $3,600 however the reserve is not yet met. The shipping alone will set you back $400, but this is unlikely to bother anyone who spends this kind of money on piles of shitty old games.

eBay via gameSniped

NES casemod squeezes a working NES inside Super Mario Bros cartridge

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

The NES mod to end all NES mods.

Starting out with a cheap NES clone and a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, French modder Kotomi has created perhaps the coolest NES mod yet by squeezing the console into one of it’s own cartridges. It’s fully functional, with a cartridge slot, power and reset buttons, two controller ports and a composite AV out.

Kotomi via technabob

If Pac-Man had to take a dump after every board…

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Pac-Man with a boards worth of turd.

Owen Good over at Kotaku, and his brother, are huge Pac-Man fans. A recent IM conversation between the two led to a fairly in-depth conversation about the size of the stool Pac-Man would produce if he went to the toilet after every board - and the pixel art to go with it. Read and see it all at Kotaku.

Classic Zelda artwork from Nintendo Power magazine

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Classic Zelda artwork from Nintendo Power.

A LiveJournal user by the name of studiojfish has found a massive amount of artwork from the original NES version of The Legend of Zelda lying around on his computer - and it’s of a completely different style than many of us have become accustomed to.

Rick Astley in hilarious Doom mod

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

When you’re knee deep in the dead, forget chainsaws - you’re going to need a real weapon…like Rick Astley’s hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Pirates squeeze Final Fantasy VII onto NES cartridge

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Final Fantasy VII for the NES.

This NES port of Final Fantasy VII is far from your average rip-off. It’s the work of a gifted group of Chinese programmers, who utilized revolutionary techniques to squeeze a relatively complete version of the PSone classic onto a cartridge that plays on ancient 8-bit hardware.