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Abletonator: Live music performance from an Arcade Cabinet

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Abletonator: Live music performance from an Arcade Cabinet.

Given this is a video game blog, I can forgive you for not having heard of Ableton Live before. Originally released in 2001, it near instantaneously became an industry standard for the live performance of electronic music. So why on earth am I talking about it here?

A crafty DIYer who goes by the moniker of Jr Savage has built the most impractical Ableton controller on the planet - a stonking arcade cabinet with a rackmount PC, 19″ LCD, professional (read: not Sound Blaster) sound card, 2 octave MIDI keyboard and a custom control surface featuring 8 channels and joystick navigation.

As usual, if you’re asking why, you’re missing the point of DIY.

Abletonator via Create Digital Music

Street Fighter IV confirmed for AOU2008

Saturday, January 19th, 2008


The official Street Fighter IV blog has confirmed that the game will be shown off and playable at this year’s AOU. The blog will also be beaming in updates from Capcom’s booth at the show floor throughout the event, which runs on February 15th and 16th.

via Arcade Renaissance

Gaming slot machines the future of gambling

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Gaming slot machines the future of gambling

A report in the New York Times has pointed to a looming overlap of gaming and slot machine design. Rob Bone, marketing director for WMS Gaming had this to say about the future of slot machine gambling:

“We can’t just make a slot thinking about the 55-year-old lady who comes to the casino a few times a month. We need to appeal to new buckets of players, or we’ll die.”

Slot manufacturer Bally Technologies has signed a deal with Atari to produce Pong and Breakout style slot games to further pull in the masses. Many of the games will be mulitplayer to emulate the sense of community that people feel while playing games like poker. If you think you are going to go out there and clean up with your leet gamer skills think again, as skill will only get you so far - the machines are still designed to take more than they give.

I hope it is the 55-year-old ladies that embrace these machines. Maybe a move to a more interactive form of gambling could stave off at least some of the problems chronic slot junkies face. Even this level of mental stimulation might ward off Alzheimer’s in some cases.

via Joystiq

Street Fighter IV screenshot released

Thursday, December 6th, 2007


3D graphics, 2D gameplay = want need.

via 1Up

Metroid arcade cabinet

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Some diligent fans have crafted their own Metroid arcade cabinet. The guts of the system is a home-built PC with a 17-inch Samsung LCD and sound system with subwoofer. The outside is adorned with glowing buttons, every controller port you could want and a clay-sculpted Mother Brain.

via Engadget

MAME cabinet in a dining table

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

MAME Dining table

Ever reached a stalemate in an argument over dinner and wished you had some virtual method to decide the victor? If so you need to get some therapy, because that probably wasn’t the application Eric Gradman had in mind when he made this awesome arcade machine in a table. Informatively called the IKEA MAME Dinner Table, it features a 15-inch LCD, Happ Controls and an Ultimarc I-PAC to run the system. Given it runs MAME you can pretty much play any old arcade game you have the roms for. More pics of the classy beast after the jump.


World’s biggest arcade machine

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Attack of the Show build worlds biggest arcade machine

Attack of the Show have gone mad with power and decided to create the world biggest arcade machine. The monstrosity stands 13-feet tall and sports a 75-inch screen. A Guinness World Records judge was on hand at the unveiling to confirm that it was indeed the world’s largest arcade machine. To watch the unveiling click here. More pics after the jump.


The Gamerator arcade machine offers 187 games, cold beer on tap

Monday, November 5th, 2007

The Gamerator, keg and arcade all in one

We have done quite a few pieces on arcade machines over the past few weeks, but until now, nothing was taking it to the next level. Meet the future of the home arcade - because we challenge you to find any object that isn’t improved by adding easy access to cold beer. The Gamerator features 187 preloaded games, a 24″ flat screen monitor, a refrigerated interior, bar tap with overflow grill, and two beverage holders. It doesn’t come cheap, with bidding starting at US$2,000 on eBay…but we can’t really say it’s a rip off either. Now all they need to do is make one with a postmix system and some shot dispensers.

via BBPS

The Dreamcade 2.0 brings the arcade home

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

The Dreamcade 2.0.

Dream Arcades have done it again. If you want to bring the arcade experience home, you really couldn’t dream up a better device than the Dreamcade 2.0. The cabinet features a 21-inch monitor, tinted safety glass, integrated trackball, lighted buttons, a Windows-based DreamPC and a collection of more than 145 licensed games including classic titles from Midway, Digital Leisure, Atari, Namco and Capcom. The system will even let you plug in a console if you exhaust your retro capacity. For those wishing the relive their youth, the Dreamcade 2.0 will set you back USD$1,899.

via I4U

Classic Pong arcade machine on eBay

Thursday, September 6th, 2007


It must make a collector’s blood boil when a rare item in fantastic condition ends up on eBay, gets spotted by a blogger with no intention of purchasing it, and subsequently does the rounds of the entire internet.

Oh well.

The pictured item is a Pong machine manufactured in 1973, before Atari was called Atari. The bid is currently at US $305, with over a week left until the auction finishes.

eBay via Gaming Today