Abletonator: Live music performance from an Arcade Cabinet

Abletonator: Live music performance from an Arcade Cabinet.

Given this is a video game blog, I can forgive you for not having heard of Ableton Live before. Originally released in 2001, it near instantaneously became an industry standard for the live performance of electronic music. So why on earth am I talking about it here?

A crafty DIYer who goes by the moniker of Jr Savage has built the most impractical Ableton controller on the planet - a stonking arcade cabinet with a rackmount PC, 19″ LCD, professional (read: not Sound Blaster) sound card, 2 octave MIDI keyboard and a custom control surface featuring 8 channels and joystick navigation.

As usual, if you’re asking why, you’re missing the point of DIY.

Abletonator via Create Digital Music


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